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Coach walks in on his netball girl bending over and it causes a huge bulge in his pants

Video from: Lady Voyeur

So, the netball game has just finished and you think all the girls have gone home so you go in to changing room to make sure it's empty ready to lock up only it's not empty. Your top netball girl is in their on her knee pretending to look for her towel. Her tiny netball skirt barely covers her ass and you can see her sexy white laced panties. In fact you can see through them straight to her shaved pussy. Instant hard-on and Sarah Snow notices the bulge in your pants straight away and starts laughing at you.

You can tell that Sarah fascinated by your cock, she can't hide her smile or stop looking at your tent. You ask if her if she wants to see you play with it. Of course, she says yes so you unzip your trousers and let them fall to the floor your cock flexing mid air. Sarah wants to give you a little wank encouragement so  strips down to her sexy white undies.

As you stand  their naked Sarah shows you her pert little ass and tells that you that she loves watching you play with yourself. Just then you feel the spunk come up your shaft and you let it spurt all over the floor. Sarah tells you how horny it's made her to see your make yourself cum.

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