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Hot Mum wanks her step son and his best mate

Tell me you've never wanked over your mates Mum and I'll call you a fucking liar. We all have that one mate who's Mom is hot as fuck and every time you see her, you end up spending all night wanking over her. She's in her 40's, blonde, fit, always looks classy in a skirt, stockings and heels. She bends over in front of you all the time, her sweet round ass mere inches from your face - she knows what she's doing and she knows that you know what she's doing. Is she just flirting with you or does she really want you? You don't have the balls to come on to her though, she's your mates Mum and she's much older than you. Anyway. you'd probably cum the moment she touched your hard little prick.

InĀ  this XXX wanking video this Step Mum and hot Milf knows what she wants and she always looks after her boys. She's really close to her Step Son and his friend. So close in fact that once a week she wanks both of them off at the same time - talk about mutual masturbation, it don't get better than this. Mummy loves feeling their young meat in her hands and she loves their hands on her pussy. She wanks their cock but makes sure she doesn't do it to fast, she gets annoyed when they cum to soon and we all know that y our pricks can cum too fast. Telling them to think about Mummy bouncing up and down on their cocks is t heir cue to cum. And. to make Mummy happy that need to cum when told too. She focuses on her Step Sons cock first, wanking him until he cums for Mummy and when done she sees to his best friend. Strangling his cock hard and rinsing out every last drop of cum.

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