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Hot Mom wanking her Step Son on the couch

Fuck! This lad is living my fantasy. When I was younger this was a top fantasy of mine, though not my step mom because I didn't have one but my teacher -  sitting on her lap behind her desk she would unzip my trousers get my cock out and wank it for me. When I dropped on this video it straight away reminded me of my teen years at school and that teacher. She must of been 40 years older than me, grey hair but a sexy body, tanned skin and red lipstick. I'd sit opposite her so I could see up her navy colored skirt, you could just make out her black stocking tops - best wank encouragement ever.

When she would call me up to the desk her top button on her blouse would sometimes be unfastened and you could see her breast neatly fitted in to her pretty laced bra. I swear she new what she was doing to me. I'd go home and fantasize about her. She would tell me to sit on her lap, she would put one arm around my waste and with her other unzip my fly and take out my cock, it would feel so good my cock flexing mid-air, hard and ready to bust. She'd gently brush her fingers up the shaft and take hold of my foreskin and ease it back over my swollen end. In my dreams she would tell me to look at my cock and what she's doing to me and when I looked down and saw her wanking my cock I'd start to cum for her. I'd cum so hard that it would shoot up and spray her face and so much that her hand around my cock would be plastered in my sticky sauce. I think at some point we all have fantasies that involve a mature woman or a milf that we know personally.

It would play out much like the son in the video above. Just look at the expression on his face as his Step Mom wank her son's cock between her fingers. The boy cums hard too his step Mom looks so pleased.

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